Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

Satoru Iwata, the President and CEO of Nintendo, has just passed away out of the blue; so I thought I’d post this document that I found while poking around in various files and folders on my computer the other day. I think it’s rather apt:

The Power of Video Games

That Christmas would transform his life forever. He was given a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a copy of Super Mario World.

Through this game he was transported to an enchanting island filled with wonderful landscapes and magical creatures. Here he was given the heroic charge of defeating an evil king and his minions, and rescuing a beautiful princess. He controlled his own destiny through his actions and decisions and found ever more inventive ways to overcome the obstacles before him. The challenges grew constantly harder and more risky, but the reward of success became ever more satisfying.

The young boy was reminded that he had to face similar obstacles in real life, but he was ready to face the challenges no matter how hard, and overcome them, because he too could be a hero if he was determined enough, in any world, real or imaginary.

level image 01


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