I prefer the old Cyberdemon design

I’m definitely interested in the new Doom game but I wish they’d got the monster designs just a little bit closer to the original designs (still in 3D though, obviously).

As an example, that Cyberdemon really doesn’t look like the classic and iconic Cyberdemon, which would be fine if the new version actually improved on the original design, but I don’t think it does. Yeah, it’s technically far more current-gen (3D, textures, shader effects, lots of animated parts, bigger, and all that jazz), but as an actual character/monster design, it’s nowhere near as iconic or intimidating, or as “demon” looking, as the original Cyberdemon, imo. I think it’s mainly the horns that mostly don’t work for me. The original has proper “demon/devil” style horns, as we tend to picture them, but the new design has the kind of horns you’d see on an elk or something like that.


Also, I think there’s a point where an enemy can be so big that it’s no longer quite as scary, because it’s doesn’t seem as in your face any more. Like the Cyberdemon in Doom 3 just wasn’t scary at all. And I think the current design maybe just tips a couple of feet over the bar slightly too. If that makes sense to anyone? 😮


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