Here’s what’s inside the Oculus Rift box…

Original Article

Eh, why does the Oculus remote come with it’s own wrist strap?


Also, put another one of those circular touch panels on the other end of the Oculus remote and you basically have my own controller design, as seen below, which I came up with many years ago:

The bottom version

In fact, the finish on that real Oculus remote is basically exactly how I envisioned my design in my head. Check out the slightly later black version in the following video, and you’ll get more of an idea of what I’m talking about:

Again though, and as per usual, my design still has some pretty unique ideas that go well beyond the the design I’m comparing it to.

Seriously, if I’d had the good fortune of being born into some Silicon Valley type family, like most of the rich tech-dudes we usually hear about (Jobs, Gates, Lucky, etc.), I would surely have been a multi-millionaire by now–rather than basically a glorified bum. 😮


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