Sky Pop costume added to Super Mario Maker

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Kirk Comments…


I want a Mario game that looks like that ^^^ pic (but still in modern full 3D, or even really well done 2.5D). There’s more charm and character and just magical whimsy in that whole look and feel than I’ve seen in basically any of the 3D Mario games, and certainly any of the more recent “New” Super Mario games. They all went a bit plasticky and rendered looking at some point, sort of devoid of any real heart and soul visually/aesthetically.

I mean, look at this screenshot of New Super Mario Bros U for example:


Something got lost along the way. I can understand the older games in the series not being able to look like the awesome art because of obvious graphical limitations, but not the modern games. They could look sooo gorgeous.

Although, I guess the Galaxy games aren’t too far off:


And, how cool would if have been if Nintendo had actually used the Sky Pop plane as seen in that same pic at the top of the article, in place of what is now the Fire Clown Car in SMM?



Shake the Clown Car and get a Sky Pop plane. Now that would have been cool.

Rather than just being lazy and re-skinning the Clown Car and adding the ability to shoot flames, I think it would have been brilliant if they’d actually given players the ability to use the Sky Pop plane in a way that was similar to how it played in the original Game Boy game. To me, it just would have made so much sense, and been outright awesome.

But, hey, that’s Nintendo for you: It does some amazing things you don’t expect, but doesn’t do half the stuff you kinda do expect–that makes sense if you think about it (once you have reason to do so)–and that you would actually really want.

Note: Now, obviously most people didn’t even think of SMM including the Sky Pop plane at all until either they first saw the Fire Clown Car or the Sky Pop plane was shown as a costume, but after that it surely must have been an immediate thought in many people’s minds that it would have made perfect sense to let people fly around in it and really be able to create/play levels authentic SML shmup style, as some people have been basically trying to do using the normal Clown Car until now.

Still, we get the crappily implemented Sky Pop costume and a course that doesn’t even have any flying/shooting elements in it. 😮

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