Why am I so Excited About Virtual Reality?

Classic stock image of VR from the ’90s
Also classic stock image of VR from the ’90s

Well, the technology is finally ready to do the concept of VR proper justice:

People are genuinely impressed by VR this time around.

I mean they really are starting to properly get what’s so special about it.

Its launch as a proper “mainstream” consumer product, basically for the first time ever, is imminent:

You can pre-order an Oculus Rift as I type.

We’re right on the cusp of the next big thing in entertainment, as I see it. And reading about VR, and seeing some of the early gameplay videos, reminds of how giddy and excited I was the first time I saw this 64-bit beast, its revolutionary launch game, and the crazy new controller that came with it:

Super Mario 64: One of the greatest launch titles ever. And the N64 controller. . . .
Don’t laugh; this was groundbreaking for its time

I’ve personally been dreaming of revolutionary controllers for a long time, and I even designed a motion controller/wand that was pretty much ideal for VR a long time ago (although, I originally designed it for more traditional consoles):


And it happens to be almost identical to the final product, as it turns out, so I’m already a believer in how we’re soon going to be controlling our games/experiences in VR:

This is the new controller for the Valve/HTV developed Vive VR system

So yeah, I’m excited for VR. But maybe you have to see some examples of VR games/experiences to better understand and appreciate what it’s all about. Well, here’s a link to my Virtual Reality YouTube playlist, which contains a bunch of very cool VR related videos (mostly games and tech demos)—or you can watch the video below to start from the top of the list and go through all the videos in sequence—and I think it gives a nice all-round picture of just how amazing virtual reality has the potential to be:

Give the whole playlist a watch, paying special attention to what the people playing the games are actually saying, and you’ll see that there’s some pretty amazing stuff happening in the VR scene right now. And this is really just the start of it all. . . .

Well, it’s more like the second coming:


Also, remember this movie (it’s one of my early memories of VR):

God Made him simple. Science made him a God.”

Not the best movie ever but it’s pretty entertaining. I personally think some of the scenes set inside virtual reality still look kinda lovely—but not any of the “VR” stuff that takes place in the real world, as that’s just terrible. And, even if you hate everything else about the movie, that tagline is genuinely awesome. 😛 Also, it was an early insight into how cool VR could be (ignoring all the bad stuff that happens in the movie. lol), and now we’re almost there.

Despite that one false start in the ’90s, I’m absolutely convinced that VR is about to change the face of video games and interactive entertainment as we know it. We are all witness to the birth of basically the next paradigm shift in video gaming, and entertainment in general, and even beyond entertainment too, with VR also being part of the future of virtual tourism, virtual eduction, virtual medicine and more.

It’s honestly very exciting times, if you’re even slightly into gaming (or any of that other stuff)—and I absolutely am.

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