Here’s a Few Cool VR Videos I Recently Watched

First, this:

I just find this image so funny. 😛

Note: Try to imagine that what you see in the following videos basically encompasses your full view, you can feely look around and the whole world exists (even behind you), it’s in stereoscopic 3D, it appears at actual real world scale, and you’re sitting/standing right in the middle of it.

OK, the first video is a bit like a crash course introduction to modern virtual reality:

While a 2D YouTube video on your PC monitor (or worse, your mobile device) obviously doesn’t come close to the actual experience of properly wearing a VR headset and being wrapped 360 degrees in a full 3D world created to actual scale, it’s pretty cool nonetheless, and I think it might give some people a better insight into what VR is going to bring/add to videogames, entertainment, and beyond.

And once you get the gist of what VR is all about, this next video is very cool for showing you that VR doesn’t actually always have to be in direct first person (an incorrect assumption many people make):

Now this. . . . I’ve dreamt of something like this in VR for a long time:

And this guy just gets really excited during his first go on a VR game called VOX Machinae:

Maybe you’d like to visit an art gallery, but you’re housebound:

Or, how about simply playing around in the world like a big kid:

And talking about being a big kid: How retro-future cool is this:

Keep in mind that these examples are all running on an older Dev Kit 2 version of the Oculus Rift VR headset—much of the tech has already improved quite a bit since the DK2—and they’re all examples of early homebrew/indie stuff rather than AAA first/third party software for the final consumer Rift.

Enjoy. 😀

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