Kirk’s Top 10 Super Nintendo Games (in pics)

Seeing as it’s my favourite console of all time, I decided it would be fun to list my personal Top 10 SNES games (shown in pics/screenshots).

First, the Runners Up/Special Mentions: Here’s a few games that didn’t make the Top 10 list but are still some of my favourites on the system:

U.N. Squadron

Super Punch-Out!!

Super Smash T.V.



Street Fighter II

Super Street Fighter II

Super Bomberman 2

Chrono Trigger

And now it’s time for my Top 10 Super Nintendo Games. Let the countdown begin:

10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

9. Super Metroid

8. Contra III: The Alien Wars


7. Super Mario All-Stars


6. Super Aleste


5. F-Zero



4. Star Fox

3. Street Fighter II Turbo

2. Super Mario World

Note: I’m constantly switching between Super Mario World and the current No. 1 game on my list as my favourite SNES game of all time, and it really just depends on the day and the particular mood I’m in. 🙂

1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

All of the titles above are true classics and are genuinely brilliant examples of video gaming at its old-school best. I’d highly recommend you giving them all a go if you ever get the opportunity (Hint: Emulators are your friend).

And having such a truly stunning catalogue of amazing games, both first party and third party, is one of the main reasons why I consider the Super Nintendo the all-round most satisfying console I’ve ever owned. 😀

2 thoughts on “Kirk’s Top 10 Super Nintendo Games (in pics)”

  1. Thank you! I remember playing F-Zero as a kid and I couldn’t remember the name! So I thank you again and agree that its one of the best snes titles.

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