Way to the Woods: A visually stunning game, by a 16 year old

Check out these beautiful screenshots from the upcoming adventure game, Way to the Woods, which was created by a 16 year old named Anthony Tan (lead developer and artist) and his team of obviously very talented developers:

And the animation is looking likes it’s on course to match the stunning artwork/graphics too, which is something I can personally appreciate:

Utterly gorgeous.

Now there is a young lad and team with some serious talent.

See more at the game’s tumblr page.

My single tip for the team, based on what I’ve seen so far: Make sure to include an option that let’s us turn off all the HUD/GUI elements, as it would be a crime to force even the smallest amount of that overly “gamey” type stuff on us when you’ve achieved such a beautiful visual look/style:



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