Step into ’90s Virtual Reality

Yeah, some of us have been dreaming of and imagining the future of VR for a long time.

OK, VR didn’t quite pan out the first time around, but one little [huge] failure has never been enough to stop any of the truly great ideas. And I genuinely believe now is VR’s time to shine, or at least to finally stick around and continue to grow into something truly special.

Still, it’s fun to laugh at where we were 20-30 years ago, how naive and optimistic we were. And we’ll be doing the same thing in another 20-30 years when we look back at what is now considered “cutting-edge” current-gen VR, and laugh at how primitive it all was and how far we’ve come since then.

So, just imagine, if we’ve come this far in terms of visuals alone since the ’90s (and we’ve come just as far in many other areas of the tech too, but it’s harder to see and understand that in some random 60fps, 2D, YouTube videos):

Where the hell are we going to be with VR in another 20-30 years time?

The mind truly boggles. 😮


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