Here’s a great way to demonstrate VR to people who don’t currently own VR

By using mixed reality videos, which allow people at home to see what a person sees in VR as they interact naturally with a virtual world. The mixed reality footage can easily switch between the external real world view (which has some VR elements mixed in) or go entirely inside the VR world to show you the full virtual view (as the player would actually see it in-game) at any time.

I think this is going to prove very useful for those times when it’s simply not possible to give people actual hands-on demos inside VR (which is obviously the ideal way to show off the tech and experience) such as in television ads or stage presentations for example.

But, for now, these kinds of videos are still pretty good at getting across what it’s like to move around and play about in VR:

Check out the Original Article for more details.


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