IGN Game Scoop! 379

I think I might start posting these episodes here, just because I love the show so much. 😀

Also, here’s a couple of my thoughts on this episode:

Do you think there will come a time in the future where we simply won’t be able to go back and play old games because newer technology has eclipsed them?

People will ALWAYS enjoy playing many of the classic old games, like Tetris, Super Mario World, and Street Fighter II Turbo for example(s), but they will likely just be experiencing them in a slightly different way in the future.

Maybe something like this:

And this:

VR makes all things new again.

But, they’ll still be able to essentially play old games basically the same as we would have played them back in the day, and enjoying them just as much, I have no doubt.

Ready Player One is a perfect example of the kind of way I imagine a lot of people will be playing classic games in the future:


Times I’ve enjoyed feeling over-powered in games:

Streets of Rage “one punch” mode:

Halo: CE in the Scorpion:


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