IGN Game Scoop! 380

Here’s are some of my thoughts on the episode:

The Year of Virtual Reality.

I think VR is going to be huge. It may not start of selling tens of millions of units out-the-gate but eventually it will be huge. It will sit alongside the likes of home consoles, handhelds, and smartphones/tablets as an entirely viable gaming/entertainment platform in its own right.

Here are a couple of articles I posted recently on all things VR:



I think anyone that’s skeptical about VR right now almost certainly hasn’t tried it firsthand, but as soon as they do I’m pretty certain most of them will be instant converts.

Also, I do agree that VR opens up a whole lot of potential for political movements/crusades around the technology. If you can have massive legal battles over the fatalities in Mortal Kombat, or the mass killing in Postal, or even “hot coffee”—to name only a few examples—then VR is ripe for all kinds of lawsuits and legal precedents. But that just goes to show how totally immersive and engaging the technology is, and that’s ultimately a good thing and one of its core strengths as far as I’m concerned.

Whatever happens going forward, VR is easily the most exciting thing to happen to gaming and entertainment in general for generations.

The first game I recall playing properly.

I’d tried a few games briefly in the local library, possibly, but my first proper game was either Alex Kidd in Miracle World or Cyborg Hunter on Master System.

Alex Kidd was a great game to introduce me to video games proper.

Cyborg Hunter; not so much a classic. It was like a poor man’s Metroid.

What should the NX be called?

I’d simply call it the Nintendo Entertainment System 2 (NES2), or something along those lines. I don’t think Nintendo has come up with a better name for any of its consoles than Nintendo Entertainment System; it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Pokemon Snap.

Now this is a game concept I’d like to see revisited, most likely as a Wii U game where you hold the GamePad up and move it around like an actual camera with the screen acting as the viewfinder. This be pretty much identical to how it works in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s mine cart stages:

I think it could work really well in current-gen VR too—not that Nintendo is working on a VR headset, sadly.


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