The practical reality of room scale VR

As well as the potential issues with avoiding and not tripping over the wires, do you have a spare room in your house, where you’re happy fixing sensors to your walls, and where you’ve none of that silly/superfluous furniture stuff just lying around waiting for you to accidentally trip over it?

The Vive experience may indeed be genuinely awesome—by all accounts it absolutely is—but I’m thinking room scale, full motion VR possibly isn’t quite as practical for most “normal” people as compared to the more “traditional” seated, controller based VR experience that you’ll get on the likes of the Oculus Rift out-the-box.

I’m happy to see at least one professional journalist covering this aspect of the upcoming VR revolution, because I think it’s important that all the specifics of the various VR solutions are detailed/clarified as much as possible upfront, both their strengths and weaknesses.


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