It seems most people still don’t really get VR

They say things like “it’s niche and gimmicky”, or “it’s a fad”, and “it’s not really great for playing traditional games”. They talk about not wanting to wear a bulky headset stuck on their face all the time, or “VR is just first person, and I don’t want to play only first person games”.

Maybe they’re simply afraid of something they don’t quite understand. As The Lawnmower Man’s Dr. Angelo so succinctly put it: “This is the future… and you’re afraid of it.”

Well, I’m not going to bother trying too hard to convince you that VR is more than a fad if that’s what you actually want to believe; but almost every big tech company in the world is now heavily invested in VR, be it the ones we already know are releasing headsets like Valve/HTC, Sony, Facebook/Oculus/Samsung, Sulon/AMD, Google, etc., or those that we know are working on the tech in some capacity behind the scenes like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and so many others. And you can be sure a company like Nintendo is seriously researching the technology behind the scenes too, even if it doesn’t have any immediate plans to release a VR headset. Also, unlike some recent gimmicks like Kinect or 3DTV (with glasses required), VR isn’t going to overhype and underwhelm.

Firstly, let’s just be clear that VR is absolutely going to bring more to the table than just awesome new game experiences:

But make no mistake, gaming is going to be absolutely huge in VR, and I mean all types and genres of games. Even at its most basic, literally every kind of traditional video game can be played in VR, pretty much exactly like the originals, if you really want:

Most VR manufacturers have already announced what are basically “big screen” modes that play all your normal console and PC games directly inside VR:

Valve is Bringing the Steam Library into VR with SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode

PlayStationVR ‘Cinematic Mode’ Lets You Play Your PS4 Games in VR

‘BigScreen’ Lets You Share and Use Your Entire PC Desktop Inside VR

And VR can even add something to the idea of playing traditional games in the usual way of sitting on your couch with a screen in front of you:

There’s also more than plenty of ways to do third person games in VR too:

VR can basically run the gamut of game types/genres if it’s used intelligently, as you can see in the amount of variety in the various launch lineups for the upcoming VR headsets:

Anyone who thinks there’s some reason VR isn’t well suited to games, as much as any other console in existence, doesn’t really understand what VR is about. And anyone who doesn’t think VR is here to stay, or doesn’t think it’s a big deal, is very much unawares of the thing they are talking about. It’s that simple.

OK, maybe I am trying pretty hard to convince you; but only because it’s true.

VR is the next big gaming platform, and it’s going to be the biggest paradigm shift and most exciting thing to happen in gaming since we went all 3D (graphics and controls) in the era of PlayStation and N64, but it’s also going to be massive for broader entertainment and more too. You simply have to listen to people who’ve actually tried it, really hear what they are saying, to fully grasp how impactful and revolutionary VR experiences can be when done right:

First Impressions: Battlezone on PlayStation VR Will Blow Your Mind

With all of that, bear in mind that this is only gen 1 of VR. This is the equivalent of being back in the early days of cinema, watching a black & white train coming towards the screen and running out of the way because you actually believed it might hit you. And consider how far movies have come sense then. . . . Make no mistake about it, something magical is happening right now in gaming and entertainment in general, and you should count yourself Lucky (pun intended) that you are here to witness it. I certainly do.

Oh, and Virtual reality without any kind of headset really isn’t virtual reality as most people think of it (as they’ve seen it depicted in movies and magazines for decades now), so get over the fact you’ll have to shove a big box on your face to enjoy VR, otherwise you’ll be waiting a very, very long time for that holodeck-like simulated reality experience that you think is the only kind of VR worthy of your time. To be blunt: You’ll be long dead before that level of total immersion and complete interactivity is ever likely to exist—at least anywhere near the kind of quality as you might have seen in the holodeck from Star Trek TNG.

Here endeth the lesson/rant.


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