Here’s a very cool concept for mixing AR and VR into one seamless experience

Original article

According to Sulon, the Sulon Q is the world’s first tether-free all-in-one headset that combines AR, VR, and spatial computing in a single device. The video above is a slightly rough around the edges but rather effective demonstration of the headset in action and doing what it does best, which is blending AR and VR together in a single experience.

I think this type of combo-headset is the future of AR/VR in general to be honest. Well, at the very least, I certainly think all future VR headsets should have a passthrough camera that allows basic AR functionality. This particular headset may or may not be the one to realise the AR/VR dream to its full potential, but it’s a great start.

You can find out more about the Sulon Q on the here.


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