Things I’d like to change in the new Doom

1. Fix the look and sound of the shots on the Plasma Rifle.

You can see a nice side-by-side shot of the old versus new in this IGN comparison video (at the 1:16 mark)

At the very least, make the new version of the weapons look and sound as meaty/powerful as the originals.

2. Remove or tone down all the neon glowing bits that are on many of the enemies.

It’s just a bit weird to me to have demons with all these neon lights all over them. Demons from Hell certainly wouldn’t need markers/indicators like this, and I see no reason humans scientist would add them either. How often do you see military-type armour covered in little neon lights so that everyone can see you coming a mile off? It’s a purely gamey/movie thing, and it’s looks a bit cheap and amateur as a result, imo.

With rave glow sticks
Really quickly and badly modified to show enemy without the rave glow sticks

All this neon/glowy stuff is also way more apparent in the actual game than in my single image example; it’s all over the place (sometimes it’s absolutely fine, other times it’s totally unnecessary and just clumsy visually).

3. Include a few more options that allow us to turn off ALL the HUD/GUI stuff.

At present, it’s possible to turn off the main HUD, hide the cursor, and remove the glowing indicator on enemies that are ripe for a “Glory Kill”, but you can’t stop any of the silly glowing + ammo/health pickups from flying out of dead enemies, and you can’t turn off the glowing or shimmering on any of the items or other pickups lying around the levels either (weapons, ammo, armour, etc.).

Look how much cooler and more immersive, how much more cinematic the game is with most of the HUD turned off (and imagine if we could turn off the few remaining HUD/GUI elements too):

4. This one’s a stretch, but I’d like to have the option to play an entirely different music score, one that’s more ambient and “hellish” than what we have now, or at least have the option to turn off the silly heavy rock/metal music that plays during any intense action/battles.

Something like the “music” in the PSX version of the game would be awesome, and I think it would make this new Doom just a whole lot more “Doomy” and atmospheric. After all, Doom is supposed to be a game about the vile creatures of Hell rising up to take over the world, not like attending a heavy metal concert.

5. Make the Cyberdemon look more like the classic and iconic original design.

Don’t give him the big eyes of the original though, which I always thought were part of the horns anyway (and my perception of the character was so much cooler because of it). Imagine the basic design below but with no eyes at all; now that’s creepy and demonic:

Original and still awesome Cyberdemon

The original design is still way more iconic than the newer version of the Cyberdemon, imo, and certainly when it comes to pure aesthetic design and appeal.

New Cyberdemon—technically more advanced, but not as demonic and scary, visually.

6. Add some more grunts and screams/roars to the enemies, especially when they’re dying.

Again, you can compare the sound of the old versus new in the IGN video at the top of this article. It’s just much more satisfying when you hear the enemies screaming/roaring in pain as they die. Also, bosses like the Cyberdemon need to roar a bit more when they’re making big powerful actions/gestures like raising their hands up as though they’re trying to intimidate you.

Note: That’s all I can think of for now, but if anything else comes to mind I’ll add it here too. Also, I’m not even going to start with suggestions for the multiplayer; someone else can get into that.

Hopefully id is reading comments/feedback like mine, and maybe we’ll see some of this stuff tweaked/fixed in a patch at some point in the near future.


6 thoughts on “Things I’d like to change in the new Doom”

  1. Hopefully they aren’t, because you called the music “Silly” Doom has and forever will be a game that has metal in its blood.

    1. I think the problem is maybe that some people take the very original PC versions of Doom too literally at times—and that’s despite all the stuff I’m saying above about this new game not sticking to the original versions of Doom quite enough.

      If we actually look at the original PC versions with objective eyes we can see the creators made some silly and geeky/nerdy decisions that were improved upon in later versions of the same games, e.g. the vastly improved ambient music in the PlayStation version of Doom vs the slightly cheesy metal music of the original, and even the creators acknowledged how good this stuff was and how much of an improvement it was at the time. Romero himself was quoted as saying the PlayStation version was the best one at the time.

      If they’d stopped to think about it for a few seconds longer I don’t think they’d have went with that cheesy metal music in even the very original version of Doom, and it’s why both Quake and later versions of the same Doom games on other platforms went with the vastly superior more ambient stuff and non-metal soundtracks.

      For the most part the original Doom games are the template that I wish more modern fps developers would follow, almost to the letter, but they weren’t/aren’t perfect, and the soundtrack on the PC original was one of the things that was kinda crap (or, more just a bit misplaced than crap), if we’re just being honest and not a bit of a metal head for a moment.

    1. See my comment above; it makes sense.

      Personally, I’d maybe have both soundtracks in there and give the users the choice to pick the one that they like best—but the ambient stuff really is just a whole order of magnitude better and more suited to everything that Doom is about.

  2. The music was great. But I agree with the weapon sounds. The plasma rifle and heavy assault rifle need some tweaking to be done. They need to change the appearance of several monsters as well, especially the Cyberdemon and the Pinky demon. Revenants look good though.

    1. Basically agree, apart from the music.

      You know what I’d like: I’d like them to add in the more ambient music as and option, so people who don’t want the heavy metal stuff can turn that off and turn on the creepier and more “hellish” soundtrack.

      I think it would be cool to add something like that in a future update.

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