Could this REALLY be close to the form factor and function of the NX controller?

I’ve just had a somewhat terrifying thought that the NX controller might actually be something similar to the rather strange looking “horseshoe” controller Patent Nintendo filed a while back.

Here’s a link to the Patent for reference and further reading.

If you watch the scene later on in this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay demo where they show off the “magnet” item, it’s frighteningly similar to the design of the controller in the Patent (even so far as having the bands across the top ends of the “magnet” item):

(Watch the video from 17:30 onward.)

And here’s some images from the actual Patent for comparison:

It’s not crazy to see a possible connection based on the general shape and function alone. And, not only that but the fact that this Zelda game has been designed for both Wii U and NX, yet it doesn’t have any touchscreen functionality for the map or something similar in the current version of the game, suggests the NX controller probably doesn’t have a touchscreen and that’s likely why the game doesn’t include this aspect on the Wii U version either: The developers are possibly just designing the game around the lowest common denominator, and that controller in the Patent looks like it would still have all the other controls and capabilities of the Wii U GamePad including the motion/tilt-control functionality.

Now, I know that Patent says it’s for some kind of “training equipment, training system and an input device” but there’s no reason it couldn’t still end up being the NX controller too. And now my worry level for NX has just risen even further. Although, who knows, maybe it could be the best design for a game controller we’ve seen to date. 😮


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