Nintendo is launching the NES Classic Edition

It will be interesting to see how well this does, as it’s not actually a proper new NES console, which you might think by just looking at the picture. Although it’s an official Nintendo product, it’s basically just a box that looks like a NES and plays digital versions of 30 selected NES titles (which are pre-installed on the system) and little more. You can’t use regular NES carts on it; the cartridge slot is fake. And you can’t download more titles at a later date either. It doesn’t even come with a bundled power supply in the UK. But, it’s cheap and cheerful, and the games that come with it are all great fun, so it should find itself in a few stockings come Christmas day.

That’s not just an interesting use of perspective in the image above; the console is actually pretty tiny:

Check out the official website here.


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