Man, the retro-inspired Racing Apex just looks awesome

This is actually the kind of game that I think would be perfectly suited to VR, which I would personally like to see set inside a virtual arcade and displayed on the screen inside a virtual sit-down cabinet, or just in a virtual living-room on a huge virtual TV. I say this mainly because the flat-shaded polygon nature of the visuals would look great in proper 3D, which VR does with aplomb, and not necessarily with you having to be sat there directly inside the game in first person either (although I’d also expect that as an option by default of course).

The entire game is looking real sweet. And the developers appear to have made every single right decision they could around all the modes, options, settings, cars and tracks, and whatever else. It basically looks like the perfect example of a racing game from the ’90s—even more so than most of the awesome racing games from that era.


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