A better look at the NES mini

First, let’s watch the totally awesome and retro-inspired official trailer:

Next, IGN gets is grubby little mitts on the system:

Lastly, here’s another glamour shot just for the hell of it:


OK, I must admit the system is actually pretty cool (even though I’m not 100% sold on it just looking like a cheaper and even more toy-like version of the original NES), but I still think it needs way more games in there (especially since you both can’t use actual NES carts with it or download any more games later on either). I also wish there was an option to use the controllers either wired or wireless. And, I do actually wish you could use NES carts directly in it too, just because it would add so much value to the system.

Hopefully, if Nintendo decides to do a similar “SNES mini” in the future, it sees fit to include way more games (maybe closer to a hundred), allows both wired and wireless options for the controllers (it could just allow you to unplug the cable from the back of the controller basically), and let’s you actually plug old SNES carts directly into the thing too, just because it would be super cool. That’s a system I would be very much interested in buying (although, I couldn’t actually play it on my TV anyway, because I literally only own an old CRT SDTV. Maybe I could plug it into my computer monitor. . . . )

I’ll take back what I originally said in some other comments sections on a few sites about the sales of this thing too; I now think it may indeed fly off the shelves—especially if Nintendo’s really taking that amazing retro approach with all its marketing and stuff.

I really do love that commercial. 😀


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