Here’s what I want from a SNES Classic Edition

I think the NES Classic Edition is pretty cool—absolutely love the Ad—but it’s still not quite there imo.

A few small tweaks and additions could have made it near perfect, but alas . . .

However, if Nintendo could give us a SNES Classic Edition that’s a mini SNES-styled console box (and not necessarily a miniaturised exact replica of the SNES), with a dual-function classic SNES controller that can be used both wired and wireless (you’d simply be able to optionally detach the controller-cord/charge-cable), has the top 50-100 SNES games bundled* (seeing as we’re not going to be able to add any games later, and having the ability to download more games would just convolute the whole Plug & Play concept somewhat anyway, because then we’d have to deal with digital accounts, online stores, and all that stuff), possibly has an option to use actual Nintendo carts in it directly (it would just be very cool, although, this isn’t essential if it actually includes enough games in the first place, like the top 100 mentioned earlier), and actually comes with an included power adapter in the UK too (because it’s just stupid not including this, and a sneaky hidden cost)—and all still for £50 in the UK ideally—I’d be very much sold on that.

*As determined by looking at a list just like this.

Maybe something a bit like the original Super Famicom Jr. would be cool.

Now, I don’t want to hear arguments that it would be impossible to give us the stuff I’ve suggested above. This is more about asking for what I actually want, and what would be the near perfect realisation of this all-in-one, Plug & Play, SNES Classic Edition, as I see it, rather than arguing about what’s going to help Nintendo make the most profit with the least possible effort.

Sega’s already released something very similar to what I’m suggesting, so I know that what I’m asking for isn’t outside the realms of possibility. In this case it’s the Mega Drive Classic Game Console system:

Click image for product page details
The handheld version is arguably even more bang for your buck. Click image for product page details

And, I know the reviews of the the Sega system(s) aren’t stellar (mainly due to bad sound quality), but that’s more the quality of the execution rather than what’s included in the package. I do, however, think we can all agree that Nintendo should be able to deliver something in the same ballpark but built to the high standard we’ve all come to expect from its hardware.

The SNES Classic Edition I have described above is something that I think would be a truly compelling value proposition, and I think it would be a system that would fully satisfy pretty much everyone.

Hopefully a few of you wiser readers and gamers will think similarly. 😀

Edit: Also, let us press Start and Select together to return to the main menu (or something like that), Nintendo.

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