I’m late covering the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

I didn’t cover it initially (when it was first announced) because I wasn’t entirely sold on the new art direction, but, I can see there’s obviously been a lot of love put into creating the game for a modern audience so I’m posting about it now. Better late than never. 😀

Here’s some additional gameplay footage:

And here’s the original game for comparison:

Now, I still prefer the more bold, clean, and colourful look of the original game in many ways, and I do wish the developers had tried to recapture that a bit more in the remake but just with modern HD visuals and some additional things like extra parallax layers, rather than going for a more hand painted and slightly muted look in places. Maybe something a bit more like this remaster of DuckTales would have suited my particular tastes better:

And a bit more like the Genesis Wonder Boy games but in HD:

But the new Wonder Boy game does look very nice in its own way too—so I feel better for now having giving it its due. 🙂


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