An interesting interview with Oculus VR boss, Jason Rubin

Here’s the link to the article.

I like it when someone who fully understands virtual reality answers some of the questions and doubts that certain gamers and journalists have about it, and hopefully it helps to counter some of the more sensationalist and ill-informed media journalism that’s painting a rather muddy and skewed picture of this emerging technology, which is set to revolutionises gaming and entertainment as we know it. It’s largely because journalists are often quite ignorant about VR themselves that so much misinformation gets spread around, so it’s nice to have someone who really understands the tech and its full potential speak about it confidently and address any of the non-issues (especially in the longer term) raised in this particular interview.

The generally glowing reviews of the various VR headsets also largely speak for themselves (for any doubters out there):

And, as Jason said, we’re still in the early days of VR; this technology is only going to get better and better. But here’s some more interesting interviews and conversations around VR just for good measure:

And, if you still need some more convincing, why not watch a whole bunch of VR-related videos showing off just some of the awesome games and experiences that are coming to or already available for current-gen VR. Here’s a couple of examples:

Or, you can wait and see for yourself how it all inevitably plays out. . . .


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