See 30 minutes of gameplay from the unreleased GoldenEye 007 for XBLA

We got so close, only to have it snatched away from us at the last . . .

What could have been. 😦

Although, the artists have gone a bit too grimy with many of the textures in the update. The Facility in the original N64 game isn’t actually a festering disease hole; it’s just low resolution. It’s actually quite clean and pleasant looking in general, which is perfectly believable to me, and I wish they’d kept that here in the new version too, rather than having it look like there’s mould everywhere. Clearly the new artist(s) decided the original clean and white tiles weren’t “detailed” enough for “next-gen” visuals and felt compelled to add more “detail”, but it simply wasn’t necessary in some cases. Sometimes simpler is better.

I am, however, impressed with the complete removal of all the fogging in the Surface level. And see how open and “sandboxy” the level is too (as are many of the levels in GoldenEye 007). It’s still impressive even now—and it was largely revolutionary back then.

Also, notice the totally minimalistic HUD/GUI. Take note modern fps game developers; that’s how you do a simple and great HUD/GUI.

Here’s a handful of bonus screenshots too:

Classic Mode
New Version

Yeah, it’s rough around the edges now but there’s still a lot of magic and fun to be found in a game of GoldenEye 007.


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