The Super Nintendo is 25 years old

Actually, it’s only the American Super Nintendo (or the “bog beast” as I like to call it) that’s just turned 25. The REAL Super Nintendo (SNES) came out about a year later in the UK, as seen in the video below (aptly titled “Super Nintendo 1992”), and about a year earlier in Japan.

But regardless, ’tis birthday time, so let’s all just pretend that the American SNES looked like this, shall we, because I really want to post this image:

It’s a thing of beauty

I consider the SNES to be the most satisfying all-round console of all time, and most of my favourite games of all time were also on the SNES too (naturally), as you can see here:

I really don’t know if I’ll ever reach “the end”, or if I even want to

There’s no console I’ve enjoyed and loved more than that SNES—it’s the machine that really got me into gaming big time and made me decide I wanted to work in the industry—and because of this it forever has a place in my heart. I think about it a lot. In fact, the first Top Ten list I made for the iNCEPTIONAL site was for SNES because it came to me so naturally (and it makes me smile every time I view it):

So yeah, I think the Super Nintendo, aka SNES, should be celebrated—even the fugly American stepchild.

“Now you’re playing with power. SUPER POWER”, indeed.


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