The original NES CES Brochure from 1986 is rather cool

There’s an extremely cool future idea here in R.O.B that still hasn’t been fully realised to this day. I’ll tell you about it sometime, and proclaim that I had the idea first, as soon as someone does it the way I’m thinking about. . . .

I’m pretty sure the NES bundle above, officially called the NES Deluxe Set, is one of the greatest bundles ever in the history of the videogames industry: You got the NES, R.O.B, a Zapper, two controllers, and copies of Gyromite and Duck Hunt for $199. Has there ever been a bundle that was better value for money than this?

Just imagine how cool it would be to have one of those huge NES display cases in your store. I expect only the biggest toy chains could afford such an extravagance at the time.

And what a great selection of games for the system, covering a broad range of genres too (including “education” :-o). It’s no wonder the NES was such a phenomenon (no, I don’t mean because of the education titles).

All the scans above come from Howard Phillips Facebook page.


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