Whoa! Is this Mario and Luigi’s Dad?

Reddit user l33tredrocket appears to have found the first known image of Mario and Luigi’s father on a old tin tray that was part of the original Super Mario Bros. merchandise range:

See the old Captain Birdseye-looking man in top right of the image. . . .

Here’s an artist’s rendition of the mystery man in more detail created by reddit user Inkwind:

I think he added the “SR” badge on the hat himself because it’s not exactly clear in the original image.

Well, this is a first! I mean, below is the only image of Mario and Luigi’s father, or parent(s) of any kind, that I can recall seeing prior to the discovery of the tin tray image above:

This is from the ending of Yoshi’s Island on SNES; you don’t exactly get to see much.
You do get to see their hands in this image though. . . . 😮

I personally think it’s great that there’s at least one image of Mario and Luigi’s dad out there.

And sure, the newly discovered “dad” character above probably isn’t part of the official Mario cannon but it’s still genuinely cool to see such a thing in the old artwork. And who knows, maybe Nintendo will insert him into the official cannon now that this art has been given some recent attention among fans, in much the same way Capcom brought Shen Long to life in the form of Akuma and Gouken after fans jumped on a translation error of the defeated opponent’s quotes in the original Street Fighter II arcade game, “You must defeat Shen Long to stand a change”, which also became one of the all-time classic EGM April Fools pranks too.

I really do hope this Mario Senior (SR/Sr.) thing becomes a reality. How awesome would it be if Mario and Luigi’s father suddenly entered into the picture again after 30 years of being absent! Nintendo could do some really cool stuff with that.

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