The Nintendo Switch is real!

It’s time to peak behind the curtain and see The Wizard in all his glory. . . . 😉

Enjoy the very first reveal of Nintendo’s brand new video game console below:

Here’s a few image grabs posted by

And here are some lovely official images of the console/dock, tablet section, and controller attachments:

Look at all the different ways you can play with this thing.

You can find out a whole lot more about the console at the official website.

I’m curious to know if you can still use a stylus on this thing; I really hope so because that was one of the great strengths of the Wii U for me personally, especially when utilised expertly with games like Super Mario Maker and Art Academy: Atelier (as a couple of examples). In fact, is that even a touch screen at all, or is it just a regular display? And what about compatibility with motion controlled games like most of the titles on Wii; do those detatchable controllers feature any kind of motion sensing technology? So many questions. 😮


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