Apple’s just laughing at its customers now

So, here’s Apple’s new book, Designed by Apple in California, available now to all Apple “fans” for the bargain price of $200-$300 (Note: You only get one of the books pictured below for that price):

“Designed by Apple in California” That shouldn’t offend me, but it does right now.
“Remember when we changed everything with the iPhone. . . . Buy the new iPhone.”
“Buy an Apple Watch.”
“Remember when we were actually creative and innovative and you bought our classic products. . . . Keep that in mind when you give us $300 for a book.”

I’m not going to provide the links to the store page or whatever because I don’t agree with how much Apple is charging for this product. And, if anyone buys this book glorified product catalogue (most catalogues offer far more useful information and value than this book) for the $200-$300 price that Apple is asking, I’d have to conclude that maybe they deserve to be ripped off—but I won’t be a part of it.

Here’s an example of a book (a gaming related book in this particular case) that I personally consider a genuine work of art and at a fraction of the price of Apple’s rip-off book:

Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection

Buy something like that ^^^ instead with your hard earned money—genuine love and passion has been poured into every page of that book—rather than rewarding Apple for blatantly abusing and taking advantage of you and your presumed love of its products.

Or how about any of these great books:

STAR WARS ART: RALPH MCQUARRIE book (It’s still expensive at $250 but at least you do actually get two [pretty great] books for that price)

The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 – 1889-1980

Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Graphics art book is pretty awesome

The NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium

Before Mario

Please don’t encourage Apple to take advantage of you by purchasing this blatant rip-off product aimed at making a quick and easy buck off easy targets, i.e. what it sees as the most blindly loyal and hardcore “fans” who will simply buy anything it puts out at this point in time.

Don’t become one of those “fans”.

Note: I’m sitting here typing with my beloved iPhone 4 laying on the desk in front of me, so don’t mistake me for some Apple “hater” or Android “fanboy” or whatever. I just know a joke when I hear it—and the punchline isn’t funny.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s just laughing at its customers now”

  1. There’s not even words! It’s literally just pictures from the looks of it! That’s absurd! And yet sadly, you know there are going to be brainless people out there who will throw their wallets at this thing.

    1. Yeah, I think Apple’s went just a little too far into selling to its own “hipster” crowd at this point—it almost feels a bit incestuous. It will find an audience, I have no doubt, but I won’t be one of those people that even entertains the notion of this being a worthwhile purchase. But, at least there’s a whole bunch of awesome books out there that are worth people’s time and money. 🙂

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