Nintendo has a new Switch Ad ready to play at the Superbowl

It’s a pretty good Ad apart from one potentially major flaw as I see it: In the exact same way the specific look and design of the Wii U name and hardware confused many people into thinking that it was just an accessory for Wii (or whatever they thought it was), the games Nintendo has to show off on Switch could possibly convince some people it’s just some kind of add-on for Wii U this time around (or at least that it’s maybe not that much different).

If Nintendo had a bunch of genuinely brand new, cutting-edge, major AAA first party titles to show for the system (and third party too), even if they were all just sequels to its most popular and beloved franchises, I think that possible issue could and would have been entirely avoided. Instead it has a lot of games that are either direct Wii U ports (including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) or look like they are basically 1.5 versions of current Wii U games (certainly as they come across in this Ad). In fact, it sometimes even looks like we’re watching a new Wii commercial—and I meant Wii, not Wii U—with games that could have come from the Wii era and even run on the Wii.

And that’s probably the biggest problem with the launch lineup and launch window games as I see it in terms of selling this thing to both the hardcore gamers and the masses of casuals out there—it kinda doesn’t look like something entirely new and/or cutting-edge (even though the whole multi-mode thing is obviously very cool).

But, it’s a decent enough Ad other than that. And the final image of the full system at the end of the Ad at least makes it pretty clear that it isn’t just the Wii U—which is very important.

Here’s a bonus extended-length Switch Ad that I really like though; it gets a lot of stuff across in its nearly five minute long runtime:

Overall, I think Nintendo is doing the job of selling exactly what the system is all about a lot better than it did with the Wii U, which is good for everyone involved. 🙂

I do, however, really do want to see a lot more tentpole, flagship, system-selling, brand-new/current-gen first party and third party games. . . .


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