Rick and Morty Season 3 is upon us—nearly

Adult Swim premiered the first episode of Season 3 on April Fools day, apparently running it throughout the entire day before eventually taking it down again (I never got to see it then); but you can still view it online if you’re lucky. For example, here’s a link that still works (as of the time of posting at least):


There’s a few more links still up here too (as of the time of posting).

And, for when the links above inevitably stop working, here’s a whole bunch of random Rick and Morty teaser videos from Adult Swim’s YouTube page:

Also, here’s a link with a bunch of other cool video clips that aren’t on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel (not when I checked at least).

Prepare to be rickrolled:

I’m Pickle Riiiiiiiick!!!!

Lots of cool and very random stuff to enjoy until Season 3 properly arrives “this summer”.

I, for one, am totally hyped! 😀


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