I Just played a cool little VR game called Korix

So, I recently visited my brother’s SmallFryUnify studio and got the chance to try out the real-time strategy title, Korix, on PSVR, which was a total blast. Here’s some footage of the game in action that the SmallFryUnify crew filmed previously:

Videos can’t really do it full justice but it’s a lot of fun actually playing it inside VR. The simple flat-shaded polygons are a great look; it’s a bit like playing an RTS game if it were set in the Tron universe. And it’s also an excellent example of a game in VR that isn’t your typical first person experience and that caused me absolutely no motion sickness at all. I played it for a few hours and it was completely comfortable for the entire duration.

There’s a great interview with the developer of the game below, which gives you an insight into how the title came to be on the PSVR and what it took to make it happen (it’s kinda inspired me to jump into VR too):

I’ve also added a few additional screenshots for your viewing pleasure as well:

You can find out more about the game at the official website here.

If you get a chance to try Korix yourself, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. 🙂


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