Nintendo is apparently working on the SNES Classic Edition

So many awesome games

And it’s supposedly looking to release it in time for Christmas this year.

A fan-make mockup of what the SNES Classic Edition box could look like

I for one could not be more excited–the SNES is basically my most beloved console ever, with many of its games appearing on My Favourite Games of All Time list–but only if it does it right this time around:

At the very least I want to see a practical length controller cord and some kind of shortcut command to quickly return to the main menu (something as simple as pressing Start and Select at the same time). Also, it had better not leave out essential titles like Yoshi’s Island and Star Fox just because those titles use the FX chip and there’s apparently some licensing stuff to work around; that simply would not be acceptable imo.

I really hope Nintendo gives this console the absolute respect it deserves–because this really could end up being something genuinely very special indeed.

And the best thing is that we’ll get the gorgeous looking SNES model in the UK:

I pity anyone who gets stuck with the fugly American block instead of the beauty above

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