Oculus Story Studio is shutting down

The creators of some truly brilliant VR animations such as Lost, Henry, and Dear Angelica, and the guys who gave us the amazing Quill application, will be no more–and I for one think that is a real shame.

I mean, let’s just have a wee peak at the various brilliant animations they created for VR (and remember, a 2D video doesn’t really do them full justice, particularly Dear Angelica):



Dear Angelica

I honestly thought these guys had the potential to go on and become the Pixar of VR animation. I don’t see how shutting them down is a good call in the slightest. They could have been an ongoing showcase for Oculus and across the whole VR animation industry, and eventually even made the company a whole load of money too. If Steve Jobs were running Oculus this wouldn’t have happened. 😮

I’m sad to see Oculus Story Studio go, but thanks for the selection of genuinely great animations I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in VR.



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