My favourite games and moments from Bethesda’s E3 press conference 2017

The whole thing. Seriously. Just watch the entire conference (it’s only just over 30 mins long):

From the comments online it seems like loads of people were disappointed with what Bethesda showed, but I honestly have no idea why: Other than just skimming over Skyrim for Switch, which doesn’t exactly give me great confidence it’s going to be anything particularly standout on that system–it looks a bare-bones port of a last-gen game with a couple of amiibo features and [hopefully optional] motion controls–I thought the show was great, and basically every single game looked really polished and fun. And, I’m also real happy to see two big-name VR games coming this year too, one of which puts to rest any arguments you can’t do/have full-blown hundreds-of-hours games on/in VR. Even the little animated vignettes shown in between each of the game reveals were a load of fun imo. I left pretty satisfied.

So, yeah, I don’t really get the negativity in this particular instance; but I guess I’m not a particularly ardent Bethesda follower/player normally, so maybe I was just easier to please than real hardcore fans. 😮


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