Sega Forever launches on smartphones

Now, the idea of being able to easily access and play all of these classic Sega games, for free*, is obviously great, but I think a service like this really needs to be on all the major gaming platforms out there to be truly meaningful. And I’m talking about systems that generally use traditional controllers to play games on them, like PCs, home consoles, handhelds, and even a few of the big VR systems.

The likes of mobile phones and tablets are probably the least suited place for all these classic console games, because they primarily use touchscreens. And I really don’e believe that very many people actually have or use traditional game controllers with their smartphones; the vast majority of people certainly don’t carry these bulky controllers around with them when they go outside.

So, it’s a great idea, but I think its true potential lies far beyond current smart devices.

Regardless, if you have a smartphone and you’re interested in this service, you can visit the official Sega Forever website for more details.

*They’re ad supported with the option to purchase each of the games for a small fee to remove their ads.


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