Don’t get sucked into Polybius! You have been warned!

I actually recently wrote a novella about VR that features Polybius throughout the story–you’ll have to dig deep to find all the references as some are real subtle (others are blatantly obvious)–and I definitely think some people who liked this video might also enjoy reading my story too, which you can link to below for free:


Click the image to read the full story for free

If you really pay attention and find all the references to Polybius throughout the novella then you’ll maybe come to understand that Polybius is actually a potentially very important element of the story depending on how you personally interpret the details–and that’s all I’ll say on that.

Note: If you’ve read the novella and enjoyed it then I would really appreciate it if you could go to Amazon and purchase it just to give a couple bucks for my work (no pressure at all, but it would be real nice). 🙂


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