Playing Virtual Boy games on Oculus Rift . . .

. . . gives me a glimpse of just how cool the Virtual Boy (VB) could have been with a slightly less headache-inducing display and simply a proper headset that you could use without the clumsy original stand:

I tried the emulator on my Rift the other day and was surprised and impressed at how decent some of these games actually are in terms of how well the core gameplay holds up, particularly the likes of Wario Land and Teleroboxer, and even the visuals in many of these games are still pretty nice in their own retro way too.

I can imagine that if the original machine had simply had a less headache-inducing display and you could use it as a proper headset without that terrible stand, it might have actually been a much bigger hit, even with its limited but still kinda cool-looking monochrome red visuals:

Surprisingly, however, it’s clear to me that the original VB controller would have actually been better than pretty much anything we can do today in terms of mapping the controls of the original system to either the keyboard or a gamepad, despite how advanced modern gamepads are and just how many inputs they have, largely because of the unique dual d-pad plus triggers plus face-buttons design of the original VB controller.

I really like the [surprisingly ergonomic) design of the controller (minus the huge box in the middle).
And, just for fun, here’s one of the original trailers and an old magazine-print ad for your entertainment too:

Oh, and a bunch of extra screenshots as well just for the heck of it:

I love how VR is giving us the chance to experience cool stuff like this again this with fresh eyes. I imagine one day having access to an entire digital video game museum of all the classic games of our past accessible through VR (arcade games, home console games, handheld games, cable games, online/web games, mobile games, etc). It’s just one of the many great USPs of the technology.

You can download the emulator here if you’d like to try it for yourself (the download link is quite a bit down the page), which I’d highly recommend if you have an Oculus Rift.


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