The Lion King “live-action” Teaser

OK, if it’s basically just a scene-by-scene redo of the original but in live action, which doesn’t ruin anything that made the original so great in the first place, I could actually get behind that. And it looks and sounds like that might be exactly what we are getting here.

But the classic original animation still reigns supreme for me personally:

Especially if you can get to watch in stereoscopic 3D–seriously.


Another Season 2 I’m VERY excited for

Seriously, this is one of the most addictive and compelling TV shows I have ever watched. And I didn’t even watch it for quite some time because I just assumed it was about a proven serial killer that pretty much glorified what they’d done by making an “entertainment” show out of it (as in, people would tune in simply out of some morbid curiosity in knowing about the stuff the serial killer got up to). Boy was I wrong!

I mean, honestly, the first season of this show was so good that it’s in My Top 10 TV Shows of All Time list.

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