Overwatch looks lovely.

Loving the art style in this game.

I wish more games looked similar to this actually because it’s far closer to how I always imagined classic arcade games like Alien Vs Predator and Dungeons & Dragons etc would look when realised in full 3D; much more so than the kind of grey/brown monotone, shiny metal/plastic and gritty “realistic” games I’ve had to endure for the last couple of generations.

This however is the kind of lovely colourful, vibrant, upbeat, fantastical and fun look I can actually get behind 😀

The future of fps games…?

Imagine if this were actually a proper first person shooting (fps) game and maybe even in virtual reality (VR) 😮

Totally violent and visceral but boy would it be immersive!

Of course hopefully we’ll have a lot more than just violent fps games when the VR revolution comes around 🙂