The Stunning 3D Art of VR

Everything about this video makes my heart soar. It’s basically everything I love in one place—animation (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast), virtual reality (interactive entertainment), childlike wonder, imagination, and creativity:

Seeing the potential of VR in this way makes me feel like a kid. Everything is new again. It’s magical. 😀

And while I’m on roughly the topic of 3D animation, I might as well post this Academy Award winning Disney animated short (Yup, it’s actually 3D):

Soon you’ll be seeing lots of 3D animations like this in VR, and in VR you’ll even be able to freely look around the 3D scene too. 😀

Super Mario World Let’s Play: Part 2.

Check out the second part of my Super Mario World Let’s Play:

This is part of the SmallFryUnify Games Lounge series, and this particular episode starred me, Shaun, and later on, Lindsey.

It was mostly great fun but a couple of the levels were absolute torture, and I think at one point I was stuck on a single castle level for damn near an hour.

Good times! 😉

Episode 1 can be found here:

Visit the SmallFryUnify Twitch page here: