I’ve updated most of the pledge tiers on the Namespace Kickstarter

I’ve updated most of the pledge tiers on the Namespace Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inceptional/namespace

For example; you can now own a page with two layered images and your own custom music/audio track for £5.

Basically; everything’s cheaper and steps up more gradually so it makes sense for people who are thinking of backing around the £5-£25 pledge level (there weren’t even tiers in this range previously).


The Greatest Speech Ever

Namespace featured image of the day; The Greatest Speech Ever.

Watch the powerful and moving video this particular page points to here:


So I just added this image/page into the App today because I think it shows exactly what backers can use this App for; in terms of spreading a message, thought or idea.

You can check out the Namespace Kickstarter here: