Overwatch looks lovely.

Loving the art style in this game.

I wish more games looked similar to this actually because it’s far closer to how I always imagined classic arcade games like Alien Vs Predator and Dungeons & Dragons etc would look when realised in full 3D; much more so than the kind of grey/brown monotone, shiny metal/plastic and gritty “realistic” games I’ve had to endure for the last couple of generations.

This however is the kind of lovely colourful, vibrant, upbeat, fantastical and fun look I can actually get behind 😀


The future of fps games…?

Imagine if this were actually a proper first person shooting (fps) game and maybe even in virtual reality (VR) 😮

Totally violent and visceral but boy would it be immersive!

Of course hopefully we’ll have a lot more than just violent fps games when the VR revolution comes around 🙂

7 down…

Some of you might not be aware that I’ve now released 7 different games/Apps across Android and iOS devices, so I just thought I’d give you a wee update on them all in one place. In order from oldest to newest they are; Light Hero, Santa Saga, Tap to Flap, Smash Doors, iLectronz, Namespace and Pix Picas.

Light Hero

Santa Saga

Tap to Flap

Smash Doors



Pix Picas

You can check out the Android versions of all of these games/Apps here:


Or for the iOS versions go here:


I wonder what I’m going to do next (genuinely don’t know lol)…


Namespace is fully funded!

We made it! Namespace is now fully funded! The rebel alliance is victorious!


You can check out the Namespace Kickstarter here:


May the Force forever guide you towards the light side 😀

I have no idea why I’m making Star Wars references, other than the fact I’m a total geek 😉

Coatee-cha! Yubnub!