The NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium book is gorgeous


It contains lovely double page spreads showing screenshots from a whole bunch of popular NES games, with a bit of info on each title:

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Star Wars in VR could be a match made in heaven

There’s so much potential here for something truly awesome, and the realisation of a fantasy that a lot of people have surely had (I know I have). And, yes, this is only a short demo; but just thinking of all the possibilities . . .

Here’s what I want from a SNES Classic Edition

I think the NES Classic Edition is pretty cool—absolutely love the Ad—but it’s still not quite there imo.

A few small tweaks and additions could have made it near perfect, but alas . . .

However, if Nintendo could give us a SNES Classic Edition that’s a mini SNES-styled console box (and not necessarily a miniaturised exact replica of the SNES), with a dual-function classic SNES controller that can be used both wired and wireless (you’d simply be able to optionally detach the controller-cord/charge-cable), has the top 50-100 SNES games bundled* (seeing as we’re not going to be able to add any games later, and having the ability to download more games would just convolute the whole Plug & Play concept somewhat anyway, because then we’d have to deal with digital accounts, online stores, and all that stuff), possibly has an option to use actual Nintendo carts in it directly (it would just be very cool, although, this isn’t essential if it actually includes enough games in the first place, like the top 100 mentioned earlier), and actually comes with an included power adapter in the UK too (because it’s just stupid not including this, and a sneaky hidden cost)—and all still for £50 in the UK ideally—I’d be very much sold on that.

*As determined by looking at a list just like this.

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Man, the retro-inspired Racing Apex just looks awesome

This is actually the kind of game that I think would be perfectly suited to VR, which I would personally like to see set inside a virtual arcade and displayed on the screen inside a virtual sit-down cabinet, or just in a virtual living-room on a huge virtual TV. I say this mainly because the flat-shaded polygon nature of the visuals would look great in proper 3D, which VR does with aplomb, and not necessarily with you having to be sat there directly inside the game in first person either (although I’d also expect that as an option by default of course).

The entire game is looking real sweet. And the developers appear to have made every single right decision they could around all the modes, options, settings, cars and tracks, and whatever else. It basically looks like the perfect example of a racing game from the ’90s—even more so than most of the awesome racing games from that era.