Check Out the Fantastic Contraption Trailer for HTC Vive VR


Witness the magic of VR

All it took here was the creation of a simple dedicated controller, specific to this particular experience, and this virtual version of pinball is now basically good enough to serve as a total replacement for the real thing for all but the most hardcore of pinball enthusiasts—at a fraction of the cost and hassle—it’s that good.

It’s important to understand what’s actually going on here: No other entertainment medium in history has been able to recreate or mimic all the other entertainment mediums combined so convincingly and with such a level of total immersion as VR does. Books can’t recreate a visual and auditory movie experience. Music can’t recreate the depth and detail of stories as told in books. Film can very convincingly mimic the visual aspect of a piece of art or the sound of a musical, but it can’t recreate the interactivity of video games. And even traditional video games, which can duplicate anything from the other forms of entertainment, can’t create a true sense of scale or immersion in the game world; you don’t feel like you’re actually standing there next to a life-sized pinball table when you’re playing a video game on a flat, 2D screen. VR, however, can do all of those things. It can reach far beyond all other current entertainment mediums and bring us the kinds of experiences we’ve only dreamed about or hinted at in other mediums before now.

The most exciting thing about all of this is that we’re still in the very early days of VR; it’s only going to get even better going forward into the future. 😮

And, yes, this is a totally geeky example that’s aimed at a very specific hardcore niche; but, you only have to imagine an example that might be more suited to you to see the huge potential and possibility here. . . .