The Last Galaxy

The Last Galaxy is at war. . . .

The evil Ergling empire is making its way across space enslaving countless alien civilisations and destroying entire galaxies in its wake. Many species have run from their home worlds in a desperate attempt to avoid certain annihilation at the hands of the superior Ergling forces. A few brave souls, however, have chosen to stand their ground and fight against the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of the villainous alien invaders. . . .

Download a playable version of the game for free here now. 🙂

Note: The download is just a single self-contained .exe, so don’t panic if Microsoft/Windows says it’s “not verified” when you try to download/run the file; I simply can’t afford to pay the fee Microsoft is asking for in order to be officially verified, but everything is legit and safe.

Visit the game’s Steam Greenlight page for more info on the game.

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