I Just played a cool little VR game called Korix

So, I recently visited my brother’s SmallFryUnify studio and got the chance to try out the real-time strategy title, Korix, on PSVR, which was a total blast. Here’s some footage of the game in action that the SmallFryUnify crew filmed previously:

Videos can’t really do it full justice but it’s a lot of fun actually playing it inside VR. The simple flat-shaded polygons are a great look; it’s a bit like playing an RTS game if it were set in the Tron universe. And it’s also an excellent example of a game in VR that isn’t your typical first person experience and that caused me absolutely no motion sickness at all. I played it for a few hours and it was completely comfortable for the entire duration.

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My Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

Note: I’ve not included any animated series on the main list because I’ve already [kind of] created another article for that here, which covers most of my favourite animated TV shows of all time—my love of the intros reflects my love of the full shows—save for South Park, and Family Guy that aren’t on the animated intros list.

First, here’s a few runners up: The Simpsons, House of Cards, South Park, The Office (UK), Batman: The Animated Series, Cosmos (1980), Cosmos (2014), Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Made in Chelsea (it’s a guilty pleasure), and Making a Murderer.

And now onto the Top 10:

10. The X-Files (the first 7 seasons with both Mulder and Scully)

9. Doctor Who (2005-2010 specifically)

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Japan gets the Classic Mini Family Computer

Yeah, it’s the Japanese equivalent of the NES Classic Edition/Mini in the US/UK.

It’s pretty interesting seeing the controllers on there too, which you can actually remove and use as miniature versions of the original controllers. Probably not entirely practical for anyone with hands larger than a child.

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One for the old-school UK video gamers. . . .

If any of you guys and girls grew up playing video games in the UK in the early ’90s you’ll no doubt remember the classic and seminal video game magazine that was Mean Machines, which originally started life as a dedicated console-only section in the similarly awesome Computer & Video Games magazine (C&VG/CVG)—the first dedicated games mag in the UK—that had focused mostly on PC gaming until that point (covering the older 8-bit systems like the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and newly emerging 16-bit computers (the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga).

Even the logo gives me the feels.

When Mean Machines broke onto the scene as its own dedicated console magazine—initially covering the NESMaster System, Mega Drive, and GX 4000  but later adding the SNES, Game BoyGame Gear, and dropping the GX 4000—it quickly became one of the greatest sources of video gaming news and reviews you could find anywhere.

A legend is born: This is the cover of the first issue of Mean Machines.

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It’s crazy that Star Trek turned 50 years old this year

I just have to say Happy Birthday to Star Trek and all the fans of the show, movies, conventions, and whatever else there is out there to do with the genuine awesomeness that is Star Trek.

My name just happens to be Kirk; how perfect is that! 😀

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I have classic DOOM on my mind

Ironically, it’s the recent announcement of Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour (which I’m totally hyped for) that’s made me think about classic DOOM again, and just how truly seminal and important a game it is. DOOM is the game that basically defined the fps genre, it established virtually all of the major rules, and there’s stuff in classic DOOM that I think every fps designer should be looking at even now and learning from. It may look technically dated to some eyes—it actually looks like a piece of retro art to me personally—but many of the design principles are basically timeless, and DOOM got almost all of the ones it used absolutely spot-on. This is one of the reasons why I think it’s still just as much fun to play DOOM today as the first day it was released.

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