What a great fan-made Zelda animation

Short but very sweet:

Nintendo should hire these people to do a complete animated Zelda TV series, or even a full-length animated movie.

Seriously, this is the kind of talent you’d surely get for far, far less than any Hollywood studio or other big animation company would cost, but they’d put more heart and soul and time and passion into creating something truly amazing–something that genuinely respects and does justice to the source material–than most of those big studios will ever be likely to do.

A really smart company would at least have someone looking into this as a type, because you never know–I mean, just look at how brilliantly well the basically fan-made but first party published Sonic Mania turned out in the hands of clearly both loving and extremely talented fans.

And the people who made the video above are clearly both loving and extremely talented fans.

PlayStation Classic announced

How cool is this!


For me though, it just has to have PlayStation Doom included to really count. That’s one of thee stand out games on the system as far as I’m concerned, and I’d argue the best version of the game on any platform. I really hope Sony includes it as one of the twenty games, but my gut tells me it probably won’t be on there.

Still, I’m thinking this thing is gonna sell in the millions either way.

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