VR support comes to No Man’s Sky

F**k yeah!

Note: The trailer is for PSVR but the VR support is coming to Steam VR (Vive and Rift) too.

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Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! :D

FPS Christmas

I decided to upload a very early version of the new virtual reality fps game I’m working on (I’d say it’s a little bit ’90s Wolfenstein and Doom–or will be when it’s done).

You can check out some Christmas-themed gameplay footage here:

And even download a rough demo playable exclusively in VR right now (Note: It was made for and works on my Oculus Rift but I have no idea if/how it will work on any other VR systems):

Download the little Christmas demo (sorry for using Sendspace)

Note: I’m using some placeholder Wolfenstein sprites for the baddies just now, but those will obviously be replaced in due time. And that Christmas tune was just something I found online, so obviously it’s only temporarily added here for a bit of festive fun.

It’s also my first ever time creating my own 3D game, my first ever time creating a VR game, and it’s my first ever time using Unity, so don’t expect an actual Christmas miracle (expect some slowdown though, Ho Ho Ho!). It’s all a bit rough around the edges, but I’m still working on it.

Enjoy, and keep your eyes open for future updates. 😀

Edit: Just a quick note: If you play the demo, you can click the analog stick on the left Touch controller to reset the level, which you might want to do if you run out of ammo and there’s none lying around.