Sonic on SNES vs Genesis

So, just a quick thought and a simple example demonstrating how a SNES version of Sonic the Hedgehog could improve the visuals of the game in some areas to give the SNES version a very nice look of its own, despite it not having as wide a view of the level as the Genesis version:

The image above shows how, along with adding a little more colour into the GUI, a nice gradient on the background sky, and making the clouds look a little softer using some more colours, the SNES version could also use that extra third background layer along with a bit of colour math to have a really nice reflection and semi-transparency effect on the water. And, it’s important to point out that not only does it look like its reflecting the scenery there, but the actual shimmering water would be on a seperate layer from the reflection of the hills and would be scrolling at a different speed too, which would add some really nice extra depth to the parallax also. Oh, I also used the Sonic Mania character design and GUI icon for him too, just because.

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Some funny tweets in response to Nintendo Labo announcement


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I’m loving these N64-inspired Switch systems and Joy-Cons

The semi-transparent “watermelon” (see pink) one in particular loudly rings the nostalgia bell for me:

Nintendo should really make a few official systems just like these–and this is one of the few mods where the dude has got all the different coloured face buttons spot-on in terms of matching them with how the original console did it–gorgeous.

You can see more of the artist’s work here.